Starting Out…

Here it begins…

I’ve blogged about many things. All of them things I love or are close to my heart.

I’ve got more WordPress blogs than I care to think about. In fact, I deleted a few the other day and still wonder why I kept so many. I guess like an old diary, it’s hard to get rid of what digitally marks a page in time…..Perhaps I’m getting a bit sentimental here?!

Regardless, I mean it this time. I really do.

Being a creative person (perhaps you can relate to this?), I mentally flit from one thing to another far too much. I have fingers in pies I’ve still even yet to taste! This scatty way of ‘being creative‘ and has so far just seen hundreds of half-finished projects pile up, an Amazon Wishlist the size of tome, and endless mediums and techniques I once yearned to try out and have now forgotten all about!

I know for a fact that Alex feels the same too. He’s just as bad…if not worse!

So here we are. This blog is not just a way to display our passions and creative skills, but underneath it all, it’s about taking time to be mindful of the things we enjoy doing.

I can only hope that you enjoy your time spent here, leaving not only inspired but perhaps with a smile on your face as you pull out your craft supplies!

Emma x


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