Coming Back To Cross Stitching

It’s been a fair old while since I’ve picked up a needle and thread.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed slipping out of reality and into a state of serene as I focused my eyes on the aida holes, making sure that each stitch sat right.

I started cross stitch at a very young age with a basic, plasticky, kids set. One of those which had a massive plastic, blunted needle, wool for ‘thread’ and aida which took the form of a rigid, plastic grid. It was all very primitive but it gave me that instant gratification I so love which cross stitch gives me still to this day. You can see your work unfold in front of your eyes, allowing someone to peer over your shoulder and see how skilled you are and how much you’ve achieved. I guess you could say it’s a bit of an ego-boost craft that anyone (with patience and good eyesight) can do and achieve great, fast results with.

Cross stitch thread

After the ‘My first cross stitch’ experience as a child, I came back to the world of little crosses when I was in my mid-twenties, post break-up from a guy who should’ve known better. It did what I needed it to. It took my mind off things. For a few hours of the day, I was able to forget about the stress of losing a love and really live in the moment, something which really stuck with me actually. I didn’t do a big-scale piece with a gigantic map, millions of colours and stitch styles, I did a handful of those mini kits you can pick up in Hobbycraft and it suited my concentration patterns perfectly. Just long enough to achieve a little artwork and be proud of myself.

I guess in a way, cross stitching gave me back my self confidence.

Cross Stitch Pattern

Fast-forward to recent times and I’ve picked up the needle and thread again. This time for good reasons. I want to create some personal pieces for my close friends in time for Christcross stitch close up flowersmas.

I’ve been reading a lot of craft and thrift-lifestyle magazines and blogs of late, and got the itch to make and not buy my Christmas gifts this year. It’s great for a few reasons I guess.

It’s cheap.
I can enjoy creating something unique.
My friends get a personal gift from me.
I can better my skill as I progress through the projects.
It’s a relaxing alternative to just sitting in front of mindless TV of an evening.
You can do it anywhere!

You get the point…

Either way, I’m enjoying getting back into the swing of cross stitch things and can feel the inner-crafter in me yawn and stretch, awakening to do more!

Cross stitch materials



4 thoughts on “Coming Back To Cross Stitching

  1. Thanks Jessica! Glad you agree. I did think as I was writing “does this make me sound shallow or weird?”, but really I guess it’s true of many little craft projects too. The feeling that you’ve achieved something is addictive. I’m terrible when it comes to long projects, I get bored or frustrated and it ends up sitting on a pile of other cast-aside creative attempts!


  2. I totally agree with you, though I love the gratification of finishing a large project too. I love to make things for peole and can totally identify with your use of cross stitch as relaxation and help dealing with life’s crap.

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  3. I must admit, because of my terrible attention span and my (perhaps wrongly assumed) lack of skill needed to accomplish the bigger pieces, I’ve yet to try one! I nearly bought one which had loads of cats all over it (I’m a crazy cat lady) and saw that it was £30! Which seemed a lot considering I was the one to be doing the manual labour!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences with me! Glad I’m not alone in this feeling.


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