Housing My Sewing Kit

So I recently stumbled across and fell in love with the works from the very talented and wonder woman of whimsy that is Donna Wilson.

Her eponymous brand has gone from strength to strength covering everything from prints and plushies to tablewares and fabrics, after having a very humble beginning as a final major project at the Royal College of Art.

What drew me in was the the weird shapes and crude illustrations which now serve as her house style, so it made my heart skip a beat when I saw that she had a collection of haberdashery products on sale at John Lewis not long after!

Donna Wilson sewing products john lewis

I was in the market for a new sewing box anyway; scrolling through endless, generic, twee boxes on the internet on my lunch break, when this cute little house stole my heart! Not to mention that only months before I had became aware of Donna’s charming characters or ‘creatures‘ as they are so lovingly named.

donna wilson sewing box house

I must say, I wasn’t prepared for how well made the sewing box was going to be. It looks and feels great with every detail considered, my particular favourite, the label on the back of the house which simply says “Make Something”, with Donna’s logo on the reverse. It really was a nice touch that I wasn’t prepared for and definitely appeals to the creative procrastinator that is my personality.

It’s not every day you become inspired by inanimate objects!

donna wilson label make something I also loved that one of her creatures, Cyrilย the squirrel-fox (her description, not mine!) makes an appearance at the front of the house, setting off the turquoises and greens with his bold, orange colour. Being a sucker for the quintessential kitsch, this little cottage ticked all of the boxes!

cyril the fox donna wilson

Inside the hinged lid is revealed a removable plastic tray for nic-nacs and a handy pin cushion hidden in the rafters of the roof.

I squealed with delight. Running off to fill it with gubbins immediately!

inside donna wilson sewing box houseNow, whenever I sit down to stitch a project, I proudly pull up my little house and smile as I set off to “Make Something”.


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