DIY: Simple Pyrography Storage Labels

We’ve recently had new wardrobes installed! Yay for storage options! And with an abundance of accumulated Branäs rattan baskets from Ikea, it was hard to tell what stuff went where, and when the ‘stuff’ in question was a mixture of his and her socks and pants, in the early hours of the morning a bunch of baskets all looking the same does result in some interesting outfit choices.

…Boxers are actually quite comfy!


Fast-forward to me rifling through a bunch of seasonal ephemera at Hobbycraft post-Christmas earlier this year, I happened upon a bunch of wooden, stag-shaped die cuts. Dreamy! With no real use for these glorious finds as of yet, I set about adding them to my craft stash and giving it time before a lightbulb moment would see them used!

…I didn’t have to wait long…

Rifling through the wrong basket again one morning, I mentioned to the other half that it would be “so much easier to have labels on them” and that was when it happened, the stag embellishments were about to have their time to shine (and I could feel instantly less guilty about buying them for no previous reason!).

Whipping out my trusty (and also newly purchased) pyrography kit, I set about burning the label names into the little wood dies by hand. I’ll admit, there were a couple of casualties as the wood was very delicate and even the finest nib was pretty chunky to work with, but luckily there were just about enough to cover my mistakes!


I finished off my labelling, warmed up the glue gun and applied the stags to the baskets with healthy dollops of molten adhesive. Adding a good amount of glue meant that the die would attach firmly to the rattan, which is full of holes! (Please note the extremely dashing furry dressing gown I’m wearing in the background – what do you wear when you craft?)

IMG_3978IMG_3979I pressed down on the die firmly until the glue dried and applied some felt feet to the bottom of the baskets so that they would slide in-and-out of the cupboard without scratching up the wood shelves inside.


As you can see, the results are really effective and tie perfectly in with the Scandinavian of our bedroom. Ikea really is a great way of achieving home DIY projects on a budget and I challenge anyone not to walk around mindlessly shoving items into a trolly whilst justifying it “oh I can glass paint this!”, “this would look great painted and covered with fabric!”, only to find out at the checkout that you’ve perhaps gone a little overboard…!

See you in the canteen for meatballs and lingonberry juice!

BRANÄS storage baskets

BRANÄS storage basket


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