Wedding Scrapbooking

Exciting news readers!….On the 1st October 2016, we’re to be married! Yaaaay!

Obviously that requires mood boards and scrapbooking, so with themed papers, sequins and washi tape running through my mind I took off to Hobbycraft (not my first choice when it comes to price and selection, but a quick fix none the less) to fill a basket with necessary items to create a scrapbook that would tell the world (or at least my family and friends) just how gorge those centre pieces will look with that palette of colours!!


My loot!…and beloved Instax for on-the-fly inspo shots…

By the time I reached the automatic doors, I was literally sweating with anticipation. I must’ve looked like a crazed woman recently let out of solitary!

After spending ages agonising over what to buy, just how much I’d accumulated in the basket, and what was a reasonable amount to spend on this as it was nearing the end of the month, I raced home and quickly set about getting out my papers, embellishments and stamps in a bid to ‘brainstorm’, ‘thought shower’ or ‘mind map’…whatever the term is these days! Does the thought of a scrapbook project do this to you too?!

Before long, I was snipping, cropping and glueing my way to a burgeoning album, and still continue to add whenever I find something that inspires me. It’s a great way to visualise what the both of us want for our special day, and also a great keepsake to look back on, to see how our ideas developed and ended up with one of the most (hopefully!) memorable days of our lives!

Naaaaaaaaw *sobs*


Shopping list of some of the items I purchased:

Magazines featured in the top photo:

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes shot of my helper, Darwin. I think my crazed flipping through magazines and squeals of delight at colour co-ordinating ribbons to papers tired him out!

darwin the cat scrapbooking


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