We R Memory Keepers: A New Crafty Find!

I was having a little look around YouTube recently when I happened across a tutorial for a We R Memory Keepers cutting board kit and was instantly drawn in! In no time, I was watching video after video of their product showcases and knew I had to try some out!

The brand seems to be a few years old now and American based but it’s gathering motion in the UK craft scene by the looks of it and people are raving about the quality of the products, which interested me greatly. I wouldn’t class myself as a hardcore scrapbooker, my mum had a long spate of doing it a few years back and still has loads of the kit (she’s also a massive hoarder of all things craft and could open up her own shop with it all!), and I got into helping her create the layouts for pages. We even went to a couple of home parties too which were great fun, but I was always the youngest and felt the whole thing was a bit ‘mumsy’, so didn’t stick at it for long. But fast forward a few years, and scrapbooking scene has captured the imagination of the younger audience too! There’s some amazing tutorials out there that both inspire me and get me a little jealous at just how talented these people are! Then I think, well you could do this too if you actually put your mind to it…so I’m dusting off my craft kit and starting off small with an Instagram photo album.

One of the product collections I came across was their Albums Made Easy kits as well as cute and colourful 4×4 Instagram albums to fill. I had been thinking recently about how I always post pictures to my Instagram account but never have a physical version to flick through and worry that if the site were to crash one way, it would take with it, all my snappy memories! So the idea of having an album that I could essentially scrapbook all my favourite 4×4 and 2×2 sized snaps in got me all of a paper-loving fluster!

Before I knew it, I’d hopped onto Amazon (so far the most comprehensive place to shop most of the We R Memory Keepers stock in the UK), and filled my basket with the following:

As you can see, I will be a little strapped for cash this month, but at least I will have a few fun projects to be cracking on with and a whole load of memories stored in pretty and personal albums at the end of it! Which, while I’m on the subject of spending a lot, is now a slippery slope as I will now need new embellishments too! …Obviously!

Gah, why can’t I just like ONE type of crafting?!

In the meantime, do check back for more posts on project progress and product reviews soon….after I get the delivery from the US!

If anyone can recommend any good companies to print off Instagram photos, perhaps the best way to do it on your own printer, or even share their Instagram albums, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy scrapping folks!


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