My First Sewing Machine!

Another post I’ve been meaning to share since last Christmas is the very exciting time I got my very first sewing machine!

Ajay and a few of the family members sneakily clubbed together to get me this beautiful Janome DC3050 machine, and I couldn’t have felt more like a spoilt kid if I tried! I had been eyeing up this rather large gift under the tree with my name on it for some time and couldn’t wait to see what was inside, little did I know it would be this!

Apologies for Darwin's bum! - but here's the action shot of me opening my BIG gift! :D

Apologies for Darwin’s bum! – but here’s the action shot of me opening my BIG gift! 😀

I had been lusting after a machine of my own since Tilly’s workshop and was dropping all sorts of hints about how “loooooooovely this one is” and how “there’s loooooads of settings on this one”, and it would seem that my hints/nagging actually paid off! Apparently adulthood really is better than childhood!

So the model he chose in the end was the Janome DC3050 and it’s more than ideal for a beginner. There’s a whole heap of settings, bells and whistles that allow you to apply fancy finishes to projects, and I really love how smoothly it runs. I was able to thread it in no time (remembering my skills from Tilly’s workshop!) and was soon churning through fat quarters, using different stitches and threads. Even Darwin had a go…!


As if that wasn’t enough, my lovely other half also went to the length of finding some gorgeous reference and project books, and a pair of utterly stunning, gold seamstress scissors to accompany them too! I was thoroughly, thoroughly spoilt!

The books I was given included:

I’m still yet to find my feet with sewing projects and so far took a flick through each and felt very overwhelmed! I did start a little project which was included with the Cath Kidston book, but quickly realised I needed cotton to match which wasn’t included and got stuck trying to insert a zip! Gah!

I also need to invest in some larger quantities of fabric to make bigger projects and just chuck myself in there. In the meantime I am happy to be able to mend clothes quickly and even use the machine to add papercraft embellishments, so it’s still getting use!


I’m really looking forward to making projects in time for Christmas this year too, a great way to be able to give back to those who so kindly made my crafting wishes come true!

If anyone has any tips on where to get good fabrics and such, please do get in touch via the comments below.


4 thoughts on “My First Sewing Machine!

  1. First, you cat is adorable!

    My only fabric tip is to plan your projects in advance so you know what fabrics you need. Then, stock up on different types as they go on sale. That also applies to patterns and notions. 🙂 Good luck sewing!

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    • Haha, thank you! He will feature a lot in the blog as he’s always poking his nose in!

      That’s a great tip, I guess I’d better decide on a couple of projects and stock up. The only way my confidence and experience will go up is to chuck myself in the deep end! Thanks Hun, happy sewing to you! 😀

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      • That is the best way to learn. When I first started seeing as a teenager, i went to the local thrift store and bought $1 shirts to practice with. Be creative and I’m sure you’ll gain all the skills you need. 🙂

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      • My other half keeps telling me to get down the local thrift store (of Charity Shop as they’re known here in the UK!) and practice on old clothes…! Thanks for the tips! 😀

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